• 60 years ago today, I took my first breath on my own. Since then, this planet and many of the people on it, have taken my breath away. I was adopted, at 3 weeks old, by a wonderful young couple who gave me everything they possibly could. The most important of which are, a solid foundation of the Christian faith, a firm grasp on what it means to…Read More

  • When travelling through Montana, on I90, be sure to stop at the Cardwell General Store and Campground. You’ll be met with the friendliest service in the Rockies.

    Oh, yeah, I made their T-shirts and aprons.

  • We’ve verified both the audio and the text, to be accurate. What we don’t know is what this video is actually from. Is it part of a Chinese movie or is it real?

  • It’s official and I can finally tell you what I’ve been up to.

    My products (specific ones for now) have been accepted by Mike Lindell, to be offered on his new ecommerce site, ‘mystore.com’! This is why I’ve been installing so much new equipment, lately.
    Mike’s new store is scheduled to go live in November. For now, it’s a part of his main…Read More

  • Big things happening at the County Line!

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